MTO Approved BDE Course Provider
  • Emergency Responses?
    Check your surroundings and pull over to the right safely.
  • Following Distance?
    A 3 Second following distance is safe in ideal driving conditions.
  • Transport Trucks?
    Do not follow too close or drive in their blind spots (unsafe).
  • Definition of a Green Light?
    Proceed with caution**
  • A S K?
    Attitude + Skills + Knowledge.
  • Performing a Circle Check?
    Check for Fluids, Flats, Filth, Fractures, Freedom.
  • Tailgaters?
    DO NOT apply the break with a tailgater, simply lane change or coast.
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Message for all parents and accompanying drivers.

Prior to a beginner driver commencing their driving experience, G2 Drivers likes to point out many facts and details that are often left unnoticed.  First of all, a beginner driver has to realise that driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

Secondly that it takes the correct Attitude, Skills and Knowledge to become a DEFENSIVE Driver.

Remember driving is a life skill and the only way a beginner driver can solidify and become a better driver is by actually driving and getting a ton of PRACTISE.  

  • Keep the practice short. (No more than 35 minutes.)
  • Proper foot wear is very important, wear shoes that help you feel the gas pedal. (Running shoes.)
  • Choose a time and a quiet place with little traffic to start.
  • Empty parking lots are a great place to start, then move on to residential streets.
  • Remember to encourage the new driver, provide as much positive feedback as possible.
  • Encourage the beginner driver with positive feedback.
  • Give instruction well in advance to allow the new driver time to be aware of their surroundings. They should be visibly observing their surroundings. (Moving their neck, etc.)
  • When instructing them to turn, try NOT to say Next Street; tell them 1st street coming on our . . . make a . . . (It’s clearer.)
  • Encourage the driver to look ahead at their intended path of travel and not to look at the curb or line.

If you have any questions or need help with the beginner driver’s lessons, please speak with the in car instructor or call the office and someone will assist you.



G2 Drivers