MTO Approved BDE Course Provider
  • Performing a Circle Check?
    Check for Fluids, Flats, Filth, Fractures, Freedom.
  • Definition of a Green Light?
    Proceed with caution**
  • Emergency Responses?
    Check your surroundings and pull over to the right safely.
  • Following Distance?
    A 3 Second following distance is safe in ideal driving conditions.
  • A S K?
    Attitude + Skills + Knowledge.
  • Tailgaters?
    DO NOT apply the break with a tailgater, simply lane change or coast.
  • Transport Trucks?
    Do not follow too close or drive in their blind spots (unsafe).
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your drving school ministry approved? click to open
Our driving school is a Ministry Approved BDE Course Provider. You can check us out at
How do I register for upcoming course? click to open
You can give us a call at (905) 728-0171, or fill out the registration form online at our website.
How long do I have to complete BDE course? click to open
You have one (1) year (from the date that you registered) to complete this course.
Do I need to have my G1 before starting this class? click to open
No, you do not need your G1 before starting in-class sessions. However you do need your G1 before you starting your in-car training.
When can I start my in-car training? click to open
No,we give you the option of doing your classes and in-car lessons side-by-side or you may begin your in-car lessons after completing the classes. It’s your choice!
Can I use your car for my road test? click to open
Yes, you can use our car for your road test. An extra fee will be applied
How do I book my road test? click to open
There are three ways to book your test: 1) Call 1-888-570-6110 2) Visit any DriveTest location. 3) Online @
Can I start the course at any time? click to open
Yes, you can join the course any weekday or weekend. Just call our office and we can let you know what day's classes are running.
How much Discount will I get on my Insurance with the certificate? click to open
The Driver's License History provides proof of successful completion of and graudation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion. Depending on area you live in, Make and color of your car, Your age all these factors will affect your insurance.
When will I get my certificate? click to open
.When a student completes the full course In class in car and home work. G2 DRIVER’S ACADEMY will process your certificate and than you can walk in to your closest Service Ontario location to pick up your certificate. But please call us if you are certified before you go there.
What if I lose my certificate? click to open
If you took the course after September 2008, your information gets forward to MTO. You can go to Service Ontario and they can reprint you another copy that will cost you $12.
Where do the certificates come from? click to open
The certificates are issued by the MTO (ministry of transportation) in Kingston.
Why are G2 DRIVER’S prices so much lower than other driving schools? Do more expensive schools offer more to their students? click to open
G2 DRIVER’S puts their students first, trying to keep prices as low as possible. All driving schools that are approved by the Ministry of Transportation have the same certificate provided at the end of course completion, no schools can offer a greater or lesser insurance deductible. Since G2 DRIVERS has been in business long time the company does not need to put money towards advertising their name. Our advertising is done through word of mouth, we are very thankful for the recommendations we have received from past students and their parents. G2 DRIVERS is well known for producing strong, confident and defensive drivers we are well respected driving school in DURHAM.
Can I get refund? click to open
No sorry, all the sales are final at G2 DRIVERS. We do not have refund policy at any of the Services provide by G2 DRIVERS.