MTO Approved BDE Course Provider
  • Transport Trucks?
    Do not follow too close or drive in their blind spots (unsafe).
  • Definition of a Green Light?
    Proceed with caution**
  • Emergency Responses?
    Check your surroundings and pull over to the right safely.
  • A S K?
    Attitude + Skills + Knowledge.
  • Following Distance?
    A 3 Second following distance is safe in ideal driving conditions.
  • Performing a Circle Check?
    Check for Fluids, Flats, Filth, Fractures, Freedom.
  • Tailgaters?
    DO NOT apply the break with a tailgater, simply lane change or coast.
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About Us

G2 drivers is a well established driving school for many years. If you are looking for a quality driver eduction course at an incredible low price then you have found the right place. Our goal is to provide students with confidence and a positive attitude. You will enjoy our state-of-the-art Powerpoint program that will allow to learn and have fun with our full course. Wait no more, the time to act starts with you take our Beginner driver education (BDE) course.

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